Edify Learning Advertising Program

Whether we turn on the television, switch on the radio, open a magazine, or simply walk down the high street today, publicity in some form or other surrounds us. Many people, including the advertisers themselves, claim that advertising has become one of the most important influences in our lives. Advertisers create dynamic promotional communication to inform, persuade and remind their audiences. Advertising is an ever growing field with new job advertising opportunities opening up all the time.In recent years, the addition of online advertising to existing advertising opportunities has brought further possibilities. A career in advertising is an exciting blend of creativity and organizational skills
Today advertising graduates are employed in advertising agencies and marketing departments in the areas of media ad sales, sales promotions, research, creative development, account services, sales management, and digital and social media.

Edify Learning Course in Advertising
This course equips students with the research, strategic planning, client management, creative, media and channel communication skills needed to be effective in the competitive world of global advertising. Students engage with theory and practice, gaining extensive professional .experience.
The course is industry-based with students developing strong practical skills. It is taught by dedicated professionals with a wide range of industry experience .Also the students work with real clients on real projects to produce comprehensive advertising campaigns.
Main Objective of the Program

1. Understanding the Advertising Process
2. Understanding the Advertising Functionality
3. Learn more about copy writing
4. Learn more about story boarding
5. Understanding in detail the process od Visualization
6. Understanding print media, visual media and social networking
Target Audience for the Program
1. Fresh Graduates with a zeal to learn
2. Experienced Professionals
3. Entrepreneurs’
4. Anyone with an interest in Advertising


The Edify Learning Advertising course uses aexperiential learning approach which helps develop a holistic perspective on advertising. Different methodologies like case studies, guest lectures, seminars, role plays and group exercises are used to provide students all round knowledge.

Duration of the course

4 Months thrice a week

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