Edify Learning Media Program

We live in a mediated world, a reality constructed around us and constantly filtered through the media. The channels of communication are varied and far reaching.Be it broadcast media such as TV , radio and films or print media like books, pamphlet newspaper or outdoor media like billboards and signs. We can easily say mass media is ubiquitous and has become an integral part of our life.
These changes in communication technologies and media industries have opened doors to new and exciting career opportunities that did not exist a few years ago.

Edify Learning Media Certificate Course

Certificate Course in Media provides avant-garde preparation for students seeking interesting careers in mediated communication.This course helps students appreciate the skills and creativity that goes into production of different media technologies that are intended to reach mass audience by mass communication. It equips the students with all the skills required to become a successful media professional, be it writing, analyzing, researching, project management or people skills.
The challenging contemporary curriculum, with technology and creativity plays a pivotal role in the pedagogical practices of the course, motivating students to reach higher level of excellence.

Main Objective of the Program
1. Understanding Media Selling and Media Buying
2. Understanding Integrated Marketing Communication
3. Knowing about the various mediums of advertising and how to use them
4. Knowing the Target Audience
5. Understanding Mind Share and Foot Fall Strategies

Target Audience for the Program
1. Fresh Graduates with a zeal to learn
2. Experienced Professionals
3. Entrepreneurs’
4. Anyone with an interest in Media Studies

The Edify Learning Media Program uses a blended learning approach to stimulate the intellect and provide a holistic perspective on Media. Different methodologies like case studies, guest lectures, seminars, role plays and group exercises are used to provide students all round knowledge.

Duration of the course

3 Months thrice a week

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