Edify Learning Entrepreneurship Development Program

“Being an entrepreneur is not about money or fame; it’s about the solving problems for society and the passion of creating opportunities where people only see problems”

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a creative activity. It is the aptitude to create and build a business practically out of an idea. It is theart of sensing opportunity where others see chaos, contradiction and confusion. Entrepreneurship is the ability to seek opportunities, take calculated risks and derive benefits to self and others by setting up a venture. It comprises of numerous activities involved in conception, creation and running an enterprise.

In today’s environment of global uncertainty, the world needs entrepreneurial solutions from leaders who can create great economic and social value locally. The common traits, found in all the successful entrepreneurs likeDhirubhaiAmbani of Reliance Industries, Narayan Murthy of Infosys or Lakshmi Mittal of Mittal Steels, are focused vision, immaculate planning, immense hard work and prudent accountability towards the company and its employees.

Entrepreneurship as a Career Option

Due to high volatility in the job market and lack of creative career options more and more young people are taking up entrepreneurship as a carrier optionafter their MBA, hence it has become vital to come up with a structured and effective Entrepreneurship Development Program, which provides the students right guidance and orientation to make a successful entrepreneur.

Edify Learning Entrepreneurship Development Program

We at Edify Learning have designed an innovativeand intellectually stimulating Entrepreneurship Development Program which not only equips the student with planning, organizing and running a successful business but also helps him shape his personality so as to enable him tide over the highs and lows that are a part and parcel of being an entrepreneur.

Main Objectives of the program

  1. Understanding the qualities of an Entrepreneur
  2. Understanding Entrepreneurship in the Indian Context
  3. Understand different types of Entrepreneurship
  4. Learn more about Idea Generation and Innovation
  5. Learn more about Project Identification and Market Survey
  6. Learn more about Raising Capital

Target audience for the program

  1. Fresh MBA graduates with the zeal to build their own start-up
  2. Seasoned Entrepreneurs who want to build new and innovative projects within the existing company
  3. Students who want to take over the family business
  4. Anybody with a passion towards the art of Entrepreneurship


The Edify Learning Entrepreneurship Program uses a blended learning approach to stimulate the intellect and provide a holistic perspective on Entrepreneurship. Different methodologies like case studies, guest lectures, seminars, role plays and group exercises are used to provide students all round knowledge.

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