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A lot of students are equipped with the technical skills required to get selected in interviews, however when it comes to the essential soft skills , which is one of the main criteria for cracking a job interview, many students fail.
In college, students establish the intellectual foundations for their careers, and have the freedom to explore paths of their lives. College is a place which helps students to draw a clear life map and make choices about their future. Life skills helps student attain the clarity to make these choices. And we help them master these skills.
Effective communication and interpersonal skills are vital to increase employment opportunities and to compete successfully in the business environment. The real key to the effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practice. In this context, soft skills have a crucial role to play.

Why soft skills are essential in colleges

•    Soft skills provide students with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build develop and manage teams.
•     They play an important role in the development of the students’ overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects.
•    The soft skills training provides strong practical orientation to the students and helps them in building and improving their skills in communication, the effective use of English, business correspondence, presentations, team building, leadership, time management, group discussions, interviews, and inter-personal skills.
•    This training also helps students in career visioning and planning, effective resume writing and dealing with placement consultants and recruiters.
Why Edify Learning
Edify Learning’s array of college solutions include soft skills, employability skills, animation workshops and media workshops which provides a unique opportunity for all students to develop their personality, upgrade their communication skills and learn other skills which give them the required edge in their profiles. The training benefits the students, both in their early professional careers and in their social interactions in the business environment.

After undergoing our training students would be equipped with:

•    Effective communication skills (spoken and written)
•    Effective presentation skills
•    Ability to conduct effective business correspondence and prepare business reports which produce results
•    More self-confident  by mastering inter-personal skills, team management skills, and leadership skills
•    All-round personalities with a mature outlook to function effectively in different circumstances
•    Broad career plans, evaluate the employment market, identify the organizations to get good placement, match the job requirements and skill sets
•    Skills to effectively deal with various selection procedures adopted by the recruiters

College Courses offered by Edify Learning

•    Soft Skills Training
•    Employability Training
•    Media Workshop
•    2D Animation Workshop
•    Recreational Workshops


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