Employability Skills

 Employability Skills

 Employability skills are the basic skill set essential for getting a job,    keeping it, and doing well on it. These are the attitudes, skills and actions  that enable employees to get along with their colleagues and managers  and help to make sound, impactful decisions. Unlike technical skills which  are job specific, employability skills are universal in nature and cut across  all industry types, business sizes, and job levels starting from entry-level  to the senior-most position.
 Two of the greatest concerns of employers today are quality employees  and trainability of the employees. The difference between the skill set    needed on the job and those possessed by applicants, is of real concern to  human resource managers and business owners looking to hire capable    employees.
 Finding employees who have job readiness skills that help them fit into and  remain in the work environment is a real problem. Employers need    dependable, accountable employees who can solve problems and who have  the social skills and attitudes to work together with others. Employees with  these skills are in demand and are considered valuable human capital  assets to companies today.
 Failure to equip youngsters with the job readiness skills critical to job success is equivalent to placing employability barriers in their path.
Edify Learning offers training on a set of core employability skills which is universally considered the most essential skill set every youngster should acquire to be able to succeed in the corporate world. These trainings have been specially designed after a thorough research on what leading corporates look for while hiring employees. These trainings are conducted using democratic approach where student’s awareness of values, attitudes, and worker responsibilities is increased.
Given below is a list of employability skills modules specially designed by Edify Learning:

Skill Element
Communication Skills:     

Considered one of the most essential skill for a
successful career, communication skills is all about
expressing and assimilating information in  a clear
and concise manner
•    Greeting Others
•    Public Speaking
•    Email and letter writing
•    Presentation Skills
•    Applied English
•    Business Body Language
•    Interacting with clients and colleagues
•    Interview Skills

Team Building:

One of the most important aspects of working
in a corporate is being a part of a team. Good
team building skills helps people  achieve more
in their career

•    Working across different ages , gender, race. religion or political persuasion
•    Working as an individual and as a member of a team
•    Knowing how to define a role as part of the team
•     Applying team work to a range of situations e.g. futures planning, crisis problem solving
•    Identifying the strengths of the tea members
•    Coaching and mentoring skills including giving feedback

Problem Solving:

The ability to strategize and come up with
innovative solutions to problems is very
important at work. Problem Solving skills
helps in better performance at workplace
which in turn leads to better career growth.

•    Lateral Thinking
•    Conflict Resolution
•    Negotiation
•    Strategizing
Self Management:

The first step towards managing a successful
career is managing self. This involves having
a personal goal , articulating ones ideas, taking
responsibility and evaluating ones own performance.
•    Self Grooming
•    Telephone etiquette
•    Emotional Intelligence
Planning & Organizing:

It is very important to plan ahead and organize
your day to day work. A person who cannot organize
his work is at the risk of facing numerous roadblocks
in his career because planning and organizing smoothens
ones pathway towards a successful career

•    Goal Setting
•    Time Management
•    Decision Making
•    Delegating
•    Risk Analysis


Life is a continuous learning process. A person who understands this can achieve big things in his career. It is essential
to keep updating your knowledge to be able to cope
with the fast paced corporate life

•    Change Management
•    Emotional Intelligence
•    Opening your mind to learning
•    Self Motivation
•    Learning Strategies
•    Types of learning

Initiative & Enterprise:

A person can never succeed in his career if he does not
showcase his potential and take initiatives regarding work.

•    Creative Thinking
•    Identifying Opportunities
•    Translating ideas into action

In tandem with academic and technical skills, employability skills are critical to college and career readiness.


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