Broad Casting

 The goal of the Broadcast Training is to prepare  students for an opportunity to apply to work as broadcast professionals .The training programme, will give students practical experience of how the largest broadcasting operation in the world This is an opportunity to join the Edifylearning and get knowhow to become a bradcasting proffessinal and to jump-start their career with a competitive edge. We have bradcaster in our trainer panel. Our workshop are interactive and Students are given chance to learn one on one enviernment. We arange radio visits so that you have hand on experience. Above all we provide affordable quality trainings.

What we offer:

How broadcasting Works
Be a talk show host
Be a Radio RJ
Be a newscaster
Write scripts for radio
Make your program
Broadcast and make Demo CD

                                    sound by Jbgmusic


      You have real broadcasters.........Real Stations....... Come and Learn Broadcasting......


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More Than MRP
God Particle Disco
Bapu's Dark Nights
Software Hardware Kya Yaron

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