Animation is wonderful world..You remember when we were kiddo.... we always watch mickey ,Minnie and Donald animation films and we were so crazy we even use to forget our food for the sake of these colorful animated serials. We use to wait for the time of telecast. Nowadays children are not better than what we used to be. But the change is that now the animation films are on variety of subjects. Animation is powerful tool of story telling.It has become a creative and well paid career and when you become an animator and when you create a popular character, you create a history. We offer these classes / workshops to anybody who is inclined to animation. At edify learning we realized that it is important to learn skills to get success in the competitive environment. And we want to give more to students in school and colleges. So that they can equipped themselves in more than academics. In our workshop we train students primarily on basic 2D animation. Every student should have knowledge of animation techniques. So that when they decide to shift to computer animation this transition is seamless.Every animator has to be very good in drawing a character. We create and provide base for our students to become a good animators



Duretion :- 3 months.

Faculty : -  The Edify learning has a talent pool of experienced faculty . They bring unique advantage to our students in experiencing  classical animation  . The in house training is supplemented by seminars and workshops by leading experts in the industry. At Edify learning stress on experiencing and learning.  We also organize unique learning experiences like Animation acting classes, Theatre workshops, Clay modeling classes, Zoo study etc.

Admission :- The eligibility criteria for the courses, is an academic background stretching from 10th pass and above and a passion for creative work.

Selection Criteria

The selection will be done on scrutiny of portfolios and through admission/aptitude tests. For the animation selection process, thrust will be given on understanding of posing, staging, and movement. The basic elements of an animation portfolio should include quick action sketches of humans or animals, which show the potential for movement


Module 1-Introduction :-Initial stage of information from study of animated films, different kinds of animation styles and doing comparisons and learning techniques.

Module 2- Drawing :-Practicing individual drawing skills - includes life drawings with actual human models and drawing sessions for animal subjects.

Module 3 - Concept designing and storyboarding :-Focuses on the fundamentals of visual storytelling and provides students with constructive analysis and support as they take a story from initial idea, treatment, step outline to a rough draft, storyboard and animatic.

Module 4 - Character Designing :-Students will be putting their creative skills in to proper practice by creating and designing their own characters that will be used for their animation projects

Module 5 - Perspective & Layout :-Focuses on the technicalities of layout and staging, which includes layout posing, camera shots, camera angles, layout perspectives and scene compositions.

Module 6 - Animation :-This provides the student’s proper animation fundamentals, animations technicalities, acting, lip synchronizations, exposure sheets and action animations.


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